Donovan to be 70

Ed Vulliamy “Donovan: ‘The songs try to say important things with lightness’”


I think of myself as a poet. I grew up with poetic influences – what I know from my background is the bardic poetry, which came down through oral tradition. And Scottish folk music, which was liberating, humorous, real. What happened in the 60s gave a new voice to that tradition: the bohemians and the eccentrics, people like me and George Harrison going through the old bardic books. We infused it with the spirit of that time.

Sometimes the songs just come to me. I don’t sit down to write like you’d sit down to make a pair of boots. “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” was something someone said to me. Like Dylan Thomas, who fell in love with the sound of words, I think the sound of the words themselves is music.
ところで、20年近く前にドノヴァンのコンピレーション・アルバムを買った。調べてみたら、ドノヴァンのコンピレーションって凄く沢山の種類が出ているのだった*2。買ったのは多分1995年に出たUniversal Soldier
Universal Soldier

Universal Soldier