Personal or political?



「Stick'em up high, Jack(手を高く上げろ)」という強盗の文句から成立した
駅馬車強盗が駅馬車の御者を呼び止める時に「Hi, Jack!」(やい、おめぇ)と声をかけた事から


エジプト機がハイジャック 1人が爆発物、乗客一部解放




Jade Walker & Kerry Chen “EgyptAir Plane Hijacked, Forced To Land On Cyprus”
Jack Khoury & Gili Cohen “EgyptAir Plane Hijacked, Makes Emergency Landing in Cyprus”
“EgyptAir hijack: Larnaca hijacking 'not terrorism'”

これらの記事は事件の結末をまだ知らない。政治的・宗教的「テロリズム」ではないということでは一致している。『ガーディアン』のライヴ記事(Peter Walker “EgyptAir hijacking ends after man arrested at Larnaca airport – live”)から引用;

5h ago 09:13
Hijacker may have personal motives: Cyprus TV

The Cyprus Broadcasting Service, the island’s public TV and radio provider, has said it is believed the hijacker might have personal rather than political motives.

He has an ex-wife in Cyprus, it said, reporting that witnesses said the man threw a letter from the plane in Larnaca, written in Arabic, asking that it be delivered to his ex-wife, who is a Cypriot.

This is all, it needs to be stressed, still unconfirmed.


3h ago 11:17
Hijacker demands release of prisoners: report

According to the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, via Reuters, the hijacker has now made a political demand: the release of some unspecified female prisoners in Egypt.

This remain unconfirmed.


1h ago 13:06
Reuters has some more on the hijacker’s seemingly confused motives, quoting Egypt’s prime minister, Sherif Ismail:

At some moments he asked to meet with a representative of the European Union and at other points he asked to go to another airport but there was nothing specific.

44m ago 13:28
More from Cypriot officials on the hijacker and his possible motives.

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March 29, 2016*2

#Cyprus foreign min general director Alexandros Zenon described hijacker of #EgyptAir plane as "psychologically unstable"
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