Some hopes

Justin McCurry “Hopes raised for release of Japanese journalist held by Isis”

ヨルダンの国会議員2人が、ISISが釈放を要求しているSajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi*1後藤健二氏及びヨルダン軍のMu’ath al Kasaesbeh中尉との「捕虜交換」に応ずる考えを述べた。但し、あくまでも国会議員の発言なので、あくまでも可能性にすぎないと考えるべきだろう。

Al-Manaseer*2 said it was highly unlikely that Jordan would release al-Risahwi in return for Goto alone, since that would leave the Jordanian hostage in Isis hands with the hostage swap already complete, Kyodo said.

Any deal between Jordan and Isis would anger the US, which opposes prisoner swaps and paying ransoms to terrorist groups. Jen Psaki, a US state department spokeswoman, told journalists in Washington that trading captives belonged “in the same category” as paying ransoms.

She said last year’s release of five Taliban commanders in return for captive US army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was “entirely different” since Bergdahl was being held as a prisoner of war.

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*2:“Bassam Al-Manaseer, chairman of the Arab International Affairs Committee”