John on Nora(Memo)

Angela Wintle “John Lydon: My family values”


When I first met Nora, my future wife, we disliked each other so much we were drawn together like magnets. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. She was also well educated, funny and dressed magnificently, with a wink to 40s film noir. I have never been unfaithful, though I had plenty of opportunity in the Sex Pistols. We both played the field before we met and found it very wanting.

The idea of losing Nora is unbearable. If one of us goes before the other it will be murder for the survivor. She is older than me but women live longer, so we should die at exactly the same time. That would be perfect.
Ari Upとその息子たちについて、

In 2000 Nora’s teenage twin grandsons came to live with us. Their mother, Ariane, better known as Ari Up*2 from the punk band the Slits*3, had been bringing them up in Kingston, Jamaica, and let them run free. They couldn’t read, write or form proper sentences. One day Ari said she couldn’t cope with them any more. I suggested they came to us because I wasn’t having them abandoned. They gave us hell, but I loved having kids around.

When Ari died in 2010, I did the best I could to support Nora. You have to let someone talk through their grief. Me and Nora never had children. Opportunities arose, but we weren’t capable of handling the birth of a child at the time. It was Nora’s decision to have the abortions, but you must never question a woman’s right.

ジョン・ライドン、最近メディアへの露出が多いなと思ったけれど、新たな自伝(Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored)が出たんだね;

Jenn Selby “John Lydon breaks down in tears during Jon Snow interview: 'My message is learn to love each other... You only get one go at it'”

自伝といえば、もう20年以上前に『STILL A PUNK ジョン・ライドン自伝』が出ているのだけれど。

Still a punk―ジョン・ライドン自伝

Still a punk―ジョン・ライドン自伝