René Burri

AFP “Magnum photographer René Burri dies”

瑞西の報道写真家René Burriがチューリッヒにて亡くなる。享年81歳。
彼の名前を知らなくても、葉巻を咥えたチェ・ゲバラ*1のポートレイトといえば、誰でもぴんと来るんじゃないだろうか。 そのチェ・ゲバラについて;

Among his most famous works were an iconic portrait of the revolutionary Che Guevara smoking a cigar, as well as portraits of Fidel Castro and hundreds of pictures of the architect Le Corbusier, and the artists Alberto Giacometti, Yves Klein and Picasso.

He later said that Guevara was “an arrogant man, but he had charm ... He was like a tiger in a cage.”

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