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Katya Foreman “Why the bikini became a fashion classic”

セパレート(ツー・ピース)の水着は1913年にCarl Jantzenによって発明されていたが*1、「ビキニ」を発明したのは仏蘭西人のLouis Réard*2

The design evolution of the bikini traces the emancipation of women, as a symbol of liberty and body confidence, with generations of silver screen icons helping to stoke its myth. Significant moments include the 1956 French film, And God Created Woman, where all that stood between the audience and Brigitte Bardot’s private parts were some brief cuts of fabric, and, of course, original Bond girl Ursula Andress’s white bikini moment in Dr. No (1962)*3. Sporting a matching army knife belt, replete with dagger, Andress, as she emerged dripping from the water (a scene later emulated by Halle Berry in Die Another Day), epitomised the femme fatale. Andress auctioned off the bikini at Christie’s in London in 2001, raising $61,500 (£35,000),sagging slightly below estimations.
素直な悪女 [DVD]

素直な悪女 [DVD]

恐竜100万年 [DVD]

恐竜100万年 [DVD]


Natalie Cox “Bikinis on young girls – why is that a problem?” *5