Operation Big Switch(Memo)


“One day in... August” that's Shanghai August 2013, p.17

朝鮮戦争停戦後の捕虜の帰還をOperation Big Switchというのか。

Operation Big Switch lasted until Deceber 1953 and saw 75,823 Communist prisoners (70,183 North Koreans and 5,640 Chinese) and 12,773 UN prisoners (7,862 South Koreans, 3,597 Americans and 946 British) returned. Over 22,600 Communist soldiers, the majority of whom were former Kuomingtang soldiers who fought against the Communist in the Chinese Civil War, declined repatriation. Much to surprise of the UN forces, 21 Americans and one Briton, along with 325 Korean UN soldiers, also declined repatriation, voluntarily deciding to stay with the Communists. (…)

『南方人物週刊』2013年8月19日号に、朝鮮戦争に従軍した中国人兵士8名へのインタヴューあり(万静波、海鵬飛、彭志文「老兵不会死去 只会慢慢消逝――8位志願軍老兵的口述史」、pp.78-85)。
また朝鮮戦争で国連軍の捕虜となった中国人を主人公とした小説にHa Jin(哈金)*2War Trashがある。

War Trash

War Trash