Civil Society after 311(Memo)

Daniel P. Aldrich “Civil society rising” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists March 2012


The disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station has energized segments of Japanese civil society to be more proactive and vocal about everything from personal safety to nuclear power.
These changes in civil society can be seen in four main areas: mass protests, local and national referenda and petitions, renaissance of citizen science, and public uproar instead of rituals of assent.
Through mass protests, petitions, citizen science, and direct confrontation with the state, Japanese citizens are pushing for a new, more vocal role in policy making.
昨年8月に行われたDaniel P. Aldrich氏へのインタヴュー、Chris Acheson “The Future of Nuclear Energy in Japan: An Interview with Daniel P. Aldrich”*2も取り敢えずマークしておく。