Cultural Anthropology on 311

David H. Slater先生経由の情報
雑誌Cultural Anthroplogy*1のウェブサイトにおける東日本大震災特集*2。ゲスト・エディターは上智大学のDavid H. Slater氏。

Neoliberal Radio/Activity and Contagion
David H. Slater, Sophia University

From the Ground Up: Implications of 3.11
Kyle Cleveland, Temple University, Japan Campus

From Shaking Islands, a Nation Divided
Yoshitaka Mōri*3, Tokyo University of the Arts

A Letter from Okinawa
Chris Nelson, University of North Carolina

Representational Discontent
Sharon Hayashi, York University

On Exhaustion, Self-Censorship and Affective Community
Keiko Nishimura, Sophia University

Conjunctural Inventory
Harry Harootunian, Duke University

Cows and Farmers
Ikegami Yoshihiko, former editor of Gendai Shiso and currently an independent scholar in Tokyo

Mapping Anxiety
David S. Sprague, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan

A Movement of the People vs. Elite Panic
Shibuya Nozomu, Chiba University

Relief Work―On the Ground
Anne Allison, Duke University

The Politicization of Precarity―Anti-nuke Protests in Japan since the Great Tohoku Earthquake
Love Kindstrand, Sophia University

The Age of Meta/physical Struggle
Kohso Sabu, independent writer and translator from Japan living in New York City