Shared Economy?

Phillip Blond*1 “The failure of neo-liberalism”

タイトルは「新自由主義の失敗」となっているが、新自由主義は勿論のこと、伝統的な福祉国家(welfarism)も国家統制経済(statism)も、さらにトニー・ブレア流の〈第三の道〉も駄目。例えば、英国における貧富の格差はNew Laborの治世にサッチャー時代よりも酷くなった。そして、結論は

This in a nutshell is the problem: Both Left and Right seem incapable of challenging monopoly capitalism. Neither welfarism nor statism can transform the lives of the poor, and neither, it seems, can neo-liberalism. Only a shared economy can correct the natural tendency of the free market to favor monopolies.

But we can only share if all own. Thus there is a radical and as yet unexplored possibility - that of a general and widely distributed ownership and use of assets, credit and capital. This would dissolve the conflict between capital and labor since it would be a market without monopoly and a state where waged labor - since it was the owner of capital - did not need state welfare.

ただ、ここで言われている”shared economy”というのがどういうメカニズムで作動するのかというのはよくわからぬ。或いは、所謂社会主義とどう違うのかということも。

*1:A “senior lecturer in philosophy and theology at the University of Cumbria”