Roy Harper on Kate Bush

さて、BBCではお誕生日にあたって、Roy HarperとColin Lloyd Tuckerがケイトについて語っている*1。以下は、ロイ・ハーパーの語り;

Kate is a fantastic musician and very professional as well. Working with Kate is a very smooth operation because she always knows what she wants to do, surprising you too, which is what good musicians always do.

She is a perfectionist with her art, but isn't like that with all aspects of her life.

She is a wonderful person and it would be impossible to speak highly enough of her. She is the kindest woman I've ever met and if she's a friend of yours, she is for life.

I would go round there and we used to talk all night and exchange ideas. On a social level she is very graceful and has given me some beautiful presents including a wonderful kaleidoscope one year which is an absolute treasure.

Her songs are brilliant, simple deepnesses and a fantastic degree of musicianship goes into them. There is nobody quite like her.

I think she should eventually be honoured by her country because she is an outstanding contributor to the cultural life of her generation.

Never Forever

Never Forever

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