Robert Fisk on Turkey's Armenian Genocide


さて、第一次世界大戦中の土耳古(最晩期のオスマン帝国)によるアルメニア人虐殺については、英国IndependentのRobert Fisk氏が報告している;

“Confronting Turkey's Armenian Genocide”
“The forgotten holocaust”


A German engineer in Kharput sent back a now-famous photogaph of Armenian men being led to their execution by armed Turkish police officers. The banking officials were appalled that the Ottoman Turks were using – in effect – German money to send Armenians to their death by rail. The new transportation system was supposed to be used for military purposes, not for genocide.

German soldiers sent to Turkey to reorganise the Ottoman army also witnessed these atrocities. Armin Wegner, an especially courageous German second lieutenant in the retinue of Field Marshal von der Goltz, took a series of photographs of dead and dying Armenian women and children. Other German officers regarded the genocide with more sinister interest. Some of these men, as Armenian scholar Vahakn Dadrian discovered, turn up 26 years later as more senior officers conducting the mass killing of Jews in German-occupied Russia.

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ペンと剣 (ちくま学芸文庫)