Sidney Cheung氏(香港中文大学)からのEastasian Anthropologist MLへのメッセージ;

Dear All,
I am writing to get your attentions on our new volume on Asian Foodways which is just out from Routledge.

FOOD AND FOODWAYS IN ASIA: RESOURCE, TRADITION AND COOKING. Edited by Sidney C.H. CHEUNG and TAN Chee-Beng, published by Routledge in 2007.

Introduction: Food and Foodways in Asia. Sidney C.H. Cheung and Tan Chee-Beng

Ecology, Resources and Food Production
1. Fermented Marine Food Products in Vietnam: Ecological basis and production. Kenneth Ruddle
2. Namako and Iriko: Historical overview on holothurian (sea cucumber) exploitation, utilization and trade in Japan. Akamine Jun
3. Fish in the Marsh: A case study of freshwater fish farming in Hong Kong. Sidney C.H. Cheung

Tradition and Food Production
4. Poonchoi: The production and popularity of a rural festive cuisine in urban and modern Hong Kong. Chan Kwok-shing
5. Convenient-Involvement Foods in South China. Maria Siumi Tam
6. Edible Mercy: Charity food production and fundraising activities in Hong Kong. Serizawa Satohiro
7. Estimating Rice in South Korea: Agriculture, global trade, and national culture. Michael Reinschmidt

Restaurants and Food Production
8. A Taste of the Past: Historically-themed restaurants and social memory in Singapore. Wong Hong-Suen
9. Indigenous Food and Foodways: Mapping the production of Ainu food in Tokyo. Mark K. Watson
10. Restaurant Kitchens in Hong Kong: Authenticity and professionalism. Luke Fung

Asian Cooking and World Cuisine
11. In Search of a Macanese Cookbook. Alexander Mamak
12. Nyonya Cuisine: Chinese, non-Chinese, and the making of a famous cuisine in Southeast Asia. Tan Chee-Beng
13. From Malacca to Adelaide… : Fragments towards a biography of cooking, yearning and laksa. Jean Duruz
14. Asia' s Contributions to World Cuisine: a beginning inquiry. Sidney W. Mintz