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The University of California Press is pleased to announce the publication

The Life of Hinduism

John Stratton Hawley is Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Religion at
Barnard College. He is the editor of _Saints and Virtues_ and _Devi:
Goddesses of India_ (both from UC Press), among other books. Vasudha
Narayanan is Professor of Religion at University of Florida. Her
books include _The Tamil Veda: Pillan's Interpretation of the
Tiruvaymoli _and _The Vernacular Veda: Revelation, Recitation, and

"Hawley and Narayanan have shaped the presentation of this volume in
an elegant, graceful way; the framework is brilliant, original, and
compelling. These articles are very accessible, informative, diverse,
and complex in argumentation. The collection of readings, carefully
sifted from the repertoire of books and articles over the past
generation, brings together items that are factually accurate and
just great reads in their own right."-Paul B. Courtright, co-editor,
_From the Margins of Hindu Marriage: Essays in Gender, Religion, and

_The Life of Hinduism _collects a series of essays that present
Hinduism as a vibrant, truly "lived" religion. Celebrating the
diversity for which Hinduism is known, this volume begins its journey
in the "new India" of Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, where global
connections and local traditions rub shoulders daily. Readers are
then offered a glimpse into the multifaceted world of Hindu worship,
life-cycle rites, festivals, performances, gurus, and castes. The
book's final sections deal with the issues of identity that today
face Hindus in India and around the world: militancy versus tolerance
and the struggle between owning one's own religion and sharing it
with others.

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