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New release: September 30, 2006

medi@sia: Global media/tion in and out of context

T. J. M. Holden, Professor of, Mediated Sociology, Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.
Timothy J. Scrase, Senior Lecturer, Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication, University of Wollongong, Australia

Routledge Studies in Asia Transformations
250 pp
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Short Description:

medi@sia is a path-breaking, cross-disciplinary study that employs ethnographic
methods and sociological and cultural perspectives to examine the
uses and influences of various media in a large number of contexts inside and
flowing out of Asia today.

The book introduces the concept of the media/tion equation where the
compound of information technology (media) and its content (communication)
are touched by and associated with the economics, politics, social
organization, cultural practices, and values in the everyday lives of users.

The role of context – the complex spaces influenced by and within which
media/tion transpires – is captured in 11 key studies of TV, film, music
videos, popular song, romance novels, Internet bulletin boards. comics,
brand characters, and advertising. Beyond the contexts of contemporary
Asia – many of which have been neglected by conventional media and
cultural studies – are the spaces in the world touched by the sweep of
Asian-originated media flows. Through this perspective, medi@sia proffers
a newer, antithetical “map” of globality; one that moves decidedly East
to West.

Contributing to discourse in a large number of scholarly areas including
globalization theory, media sociology, the anthropology of media, cultural
studies, communication studies, and Asian studies, medi@sia charts a new
interdisciplinary area of inquiry within the current literature and, as such,
establishes a precedent for future research.


Introduction: Theorizing media in Asia Today (T.J.M. Holden)

Part I: Media/tion In Context

Chapter 1. Building Body, Making Face, Doing Love: Mass media and the configuration of class and gender in Kathmandu (Mark Liechty)
Chapter 2. Constructing Middle Class Culture: Globalization, modernity and Indian media (Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scrase)
Chapter 3. Mediating the Entrepreneurial Self: Romance texts and young Indonesian women (Pamela Nilan)
Chapter 4. SARS, Youth and Online Civic Participation in China (Ian Weber and Lu Jia)
Chapter 5. Japan’s Televisual Discourses: Infotainment, intimacy, and the construction of a collective uchi (T.J.M. Holden and Hakan Ergul)
Chapter 6. Seeking the “Others” Within Us: Discourses of Korean-ness in Korean popular music (Hee Eun Lee)

Part II: Media/tion Out of Context
Chapter 7. Portrayals of Women in Global Women’s Magazines in China (Katherine T. Frith)
Chapter 8. Cyber-Nasyid: Transnational soundscapes in Muslim southeast Asia (Bart Barendregt)
Chapter 9. The Global Dispersal of Media: Locating non-resident audiences for Indian films (Adrian Athique)
Chapter 10. Flipping Kitty: Transnational transgressions of Japanese cute (Christine Yano)
Chapter 11. Comic Art in Asian Cultural Context (John Lent)
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Todd Joseph Miles Holden, Ph.D
Chair (2006-07), Department of Multi-
Cultural Studies
Professor, Mediated Sociology
Graduate School of
International Cultural Studies (GSICS)
Tohoku University
Sendai Japan


New Book: medi@sia: global media/tion in and out of context

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