ephemera 6.1 - In Times, in and as Global Conflict

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The new issue (6.1) of *ephemera: theory & politics in organization*,
entitled 'In Times, in and as Global Conflict', has just been published at
http://www.ephemeraweb.org. The issue includes a special section with papers
originally published in the Italian journal *Conflitti Globali*, a new
translation of an interview with Antonio Negri as well as a 'note' and three

The ephemera collective


ephemera (http://www.ephemeraweb.org)
volume 6, number 1 (february 2006)


In Times, in and as Global Conflict
ephemera collective

global conflicts: a special section::

edited by Luca Guzzetti and Jussi Vähämäki

The editorial board of Conflitti Globali

The Global State of War
Alessandro Dal Lago

Points and Lines: A Topography of Borders in the Global Space
Paolo Cuttitta

On the Victim’s Side: A Note on Humanitarianism in the Time of Wars of
Federico Rahola

The Double Outside of the Modern International
R.J.B. Walker


In Defence of ‘Political Faith’
Stefan Skrimshire


Foucault Between Past and Future
Antonio Negri


Romance and Revolution
Scott Taylor

Participation or Democracy at Work?
Peter Scott

The Demography of Time and the Times
Angela Mitropoulos


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