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Academic philosophy in 20th-century Germany falls into two distinct phases. The first half of the century was fascinated by the idea of reason as something historical. It was to be understood not as some neutral instrument, equally available to all thinking creatures, and subject to universal rules accessible to all, but as being rooted in the particular circumstances of time or culture. Heidegger's celebrated notion of Dasein (existence, but - literally - "being here") was a revolt against the "analytical" traditions of the late 19th century and the thought that the truths described by philosophy were indifferently available to all people, whether "here" (that is, part of this culture) or not.

Such notions were appropriated by unsavoury political operators. Heidegger was, at least initially, content for his historicist existentialism to flow into the new political establishment's nationalism and racism.

After the second world war, it was clear that German academic philosophy and its historicist existentialism were seriously compromised. One (still continuing) response to this was a widespread revival of analytical and natural law traditions. Another was a resurgence of Marxism. A third was the attempt to rescue historicism by cleansing it of the nasty political flavour it had acquired during the dictatorship.


Gadamer's theories bore most philosophical fruit in the 60s and 70s, not least in exchanges with other "linguistic" theories such as that of Jurgen Habermas. Subsequently, Gadamer's academic influence has become largely confined to the cultural disciplines; in Germany itself, the predominant analytical tone has now more or less extinguished philosophical historicism.

As far as the overcoming of the past is concerned, it must also be said that (despite his own interest in the 18th century), Gadamer never developed any understanding for what may well be the best remedy for nasty philosophy - namely the empiricism represented at that time by David Hume.



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