Visual Anthropology - Special Issue on Contextualizing Wedding Photos in East Asian Societies

 Sidney Cheung氏からの情報。East Asian Anthropology ML経由;

Volume 19 Number 1/January-February 2006 of Visual Anthropology is now
available on the web site at

This is a special issue on Contextualizing Wedding Photos in East Asian
Societies (Guest Editor: Sidney C.H. Cheung) contains:

1. Something Old --- Remembering Korean Wedding Hall Photographs from the
1980s, Laurel Kendall

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2. Visualizing Marriage in Hong Kong, Sidney C. H. Cheung

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3. Nostalgia, Memory, and Modernity: Bridal Portraits in Contemporary
Beijing, Nicole Constable

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4. Realizing Wedding Imaginations in South China, Eric K. W. Ma

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5. Geographies of Style: Taiwan's Bridal Photography Empire, Bonnie Adrian

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6. Framing Globalization: Wedding Pictures, Funeral Photography, and Family
Snapshots in Rural China, Eriberto P. Lozada

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